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The real moral offenders

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Despite that we (must) have more TV stations per capita than the US (I guess), I will bet my right hand that no media house will ever produce or buy the rights to show anything like BBC’s Panorama investigation into the Catholic Chirch’s sex scandals.

Instead, our commercial marathons with some chatter thrown in between pretend to discuss the Nadur carnival issue. My simple question is this: who is causing the biggest moral offence, the pedophiles within the various religions or people who dress up as religious characters, including priests and nuns?

Back to Panorama’s Sex Crimes and the Vatican, this programme was broadcast in the same country that hosts my dear friend Blessed16’s palace. It’s also pertinent to point out that this was produced around two years ago, and there still is no mention of this programme on The Rock. Thanks to internet, no Terezas of this world will allow this kind of information to be held back from us.

It’s time to bring the bastions down.


Written by mickeymalta

28/03/2009 at 11:07