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Mhux kollox ighaddi . . . .

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Sale Sale Sale. Sale at San Anton Palace. Everything must go. All items at half price.

Sale Sale Sale. Sale at San Anton Palace. Everything must go. All items at half price.

If I didn’t know who the person in the picture is, I would have thought that this is a promotional poster for a retail outlet where everything’s half price: half flags, half a lampshade, half a fireplace, half a chair, half a clock. The expression kollox nofs kedda fits the bill perfectly.

This picture is a joke, but the sad news is that it wasn’t meant to be that way. I don’t want to give the impression that I comment on issues just for the sake of it, and at a first glance, one may think that the President’s official photo is a non issue. It is. In normal counties, though. His is the zone where normal things don’t happen very often, and even simple routine events like taking the President’s photo end up being an issue. The main reason: shear amateurism.  Even a circus monkey would have done a better job.

The photo should have never made it outside the printing lab. Even I could do a better job. Yet, the President’s team and the DOI failed to see it, and it had to be Joe public to point out that this is simply not acceptable. Now, they are pondering whether they should distribute another picture. I don’t know why they’re taking so long to decide. This is photo is simply a non starter.

The real issue is not whether Dr Abela looks good, or whether he should sit or stand. The issue is that there’s a complete lack of pride when it comes to ‘official icons’. How many times have you seen a national flag still flying after dusk, or at night? I can never forget the grey (as opposed to white) and red flag at the post office in my childhood. The poor flag hadn’t been washed for decades.

Unfortunately, Mintoff’s attitude towards protocol seems to have rubbed off on many people. Worse still, it seems to be carved (or shall I use entrenched?) into our general collective psyche. Would you imagine the photo incident ever happening in the US, or the UK? Forget it. In many countries, anything that symbolises the nation (be it the flag, the President’s / Monarch’s photo, or any other symbol) is sacred. There’s no way that people will treat them with disrespect.

This is not a film set where one is allowed to have a number of takes until the director is satisfied. It is  neither a release of some cheap Beta version software awaiting testers’ feedback. This is official business, but those responsible for this mess seem to be oblivious to the cliché that image is everything. I bet my head that even his passport photo would have looked better.

In contrast with the popular saying, this photo conveys the message that whole is smaller than the sum of the parts.


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11/04/2009 at 17:51

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Joey must be lovin’ it. He’s havin’ it his way

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Saturday, 4th April 2009 – 14:32CET

President hosts lunch for Prime Minister, Opposition leader

President and Mrs Abela are hosting Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, Opposition leader Joseph Muscat and their spouses for lunch at San Anton.

Both Dr Gonzi and Dr Muscat congratulated Dr Abela for his inaugural speech with Dr Gonzi saying that Dr Abela had touched upon the values that formed part of Maltese society.

Dr Abela thanked Dr Gonzi especially since his nomination was the Prime Minister’s initiative and said that now that the seed was sown, it had to start being cultivated.

The President said that Dr Muscat was also responsible for the seed of unity that was sown and everyone now had the responsibility to help the seed of unity grow.

Dr Muscat said he truly believed that Dr Abela was the President of all Maltese and Gozitans.


Things are looking better already. Joey Muscat and Mrs Muscat decided to ditch their duo and joined Mr President and Honorable Prime Minister.

Convincing the Muscats to honour the guests with their presence must have been quite a task; so in typical Mickey fashion, I rolled up my sleeves, made some calls, and ……… well, I can’t reveal more. I can boast that my investigative skills are far better than Bondi’s but I have to admit (and this is no false modesty) that my investigative skills are nowhere near Anglu (il-mustaccun) Farrugia’s.

My investigations lead me to believe that our new First Lady wants to make Michelle Obama look like a Lilliputian. As a wife and mother, she knows that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so she managed to convince the Presidential staff to make it impossible for Joey Muscat to refuse the invite. She also wanted to make sure that Michelle-lover-of-all will accompany the Prime Minister in Waiting. At the end of the day, her lovely hubby will be appointing Mr Pressie in 5 years’ time.

Back to my impeccable investigative skills. As a reader of this modest blog, you have privileged access to this afternoon’s menu. Remember: this is brought to you exclusively by Mickey Malta.

Joey must be feeling like a king; he's havin' it his way

Joey must be feeling like a king; he's havin' it his way

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04/04/2009 at 17:37

Will Joseph do a Joey?

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This weekend's dilemma: Should it be George or a juicy burger?

This weekend's dilemma: should it be George or a juicy burger?

Tomorrow will mark an historic day in our country’s recent history. George Abela, a person from the ‘opposing camp’ will be sworn in as President of the (banana) Republic.

It’s great to see Dr Abela in this role, and I believe that he deserves it. The only downside of the whole thing is that such a valuable resource (in the land where human resource is the only one available) will be wasted in this ceremonial and practically irrelevant role.

Wouldn’t it have been better if he were sworn in some time ago as Leader of the Opposition? It would have been the first time in recent history where the Labour Party would have elected a leader that is respected by the majority of the Rockers. Even those who don’t necessarily support the party he would have led.

Having said that, there is no doubt in my mind that the PN media would have been all out to demonise him; but at least he would have given them a run for their money.

I will be following the ceremony on TV very attentively tomorrow – but for a different reason. I will be checking whether the person that the delegates installed (because they were instructed to do so by the higher echelons within the party) in his stead will be attending, or whether he will send someone else as part of the ‘Be a Leader of the Opposition For a Day Scheme’.

He seems to have taken a habit of delegating these tasks (official ceremonies, that is) to his reports. I just want to see whether he’s consistent with this practice since earlier this week he said that he sees nothing wrong in what he did last week. How can he say no to a hungy Michelle (Soleil and Etoile)? He’s a modern, progressive and moderate individual; so he cannot run the house like a dictator. He has no choice as he’s the only male against three women. Poor old Joey is outnumbered and in an absolute minority.

Maybe this time he’ll take his family for an outing to Gambrinu’s or opts for another overseas voyage to Nardu’s Gabbana in Gozo. At least, this time he’ll be contributing to our economy instead of our neighbours’.

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