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Gonzi is out of synch

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A symbol of total submission towards the Catholic Church. Does he bow in front of and kiss the hand of every other head of state? Would he have done the same had he met the Dalai Lama? If not, then why should the pope be any different?

A symbol of total submission towards the Catholic Church. Does he bow in front of and kiss the hand of every other head of state? Would he have done the same had he met the Dalai Lama? If not, then why should the pope be any different?

This morning, PN Leader Lawrence Gonzi resorted to the same old and boring rhetoric that stifles a political party’s forward-looking approach in order to convince potential voters to vote for his EP candidates.

He reminded his supporters that if they don’t go out to vote in hordes this June, the same thing will happen as in the previous EP elections. The PN leader seemed quite ticked off at the prospect of having the same party which campaigned against EU membership and subsequently did not respect the referendum vote having more MEPs than the party that promoted the EU agenda in the first place. Ironic, isn’t it? But who said that life is fair?

I will reiterate for the umpteenth time that the end result of these elections will not have the slightest effect on any possible decisions that may or may not affect this country. The reason why the political parties want to make these elections look like a nudge slightly lower than the general elections is to satisfy their ego and tick another ‘success’ box in their checklist.

Back to Gonzi. I think that it is high time for the PN to stop talking about the past. It was somewhat understandable to do so while Alfred Sant was still leader of the Labour Party; as it could have been argued that the country was still at risk of having that same person who did those idiotic mistakes at the driving seat as Prime Minister. Now things have moved on. Even though Joseph Muscat was a Sant loyalist, and even though Muscat’s writings supported Sant’s skewed positions in the past, the PN should start thinking about convincing people to vote for it because it is the best party with the best people and the best policies; and not just because Labour has consistently been on the wrong side of history for the past 30 years. For a party that has been in government (mainly because it had no valid opposition) for the last 20 years to focus on the past is unwise at best.

Gonzi expects those of us who voted yes in the EU referendum to vote PN by default. The tragic thing is that he has no clue about how wrong he is. Despite that a number of people have been pointing out consistently on a number of different occasions, he seems to want to ignore the fact that a number of people voted in favour of EU membership in the hope that this would take us closer to the continent.

Instead, as soon as we joined the EU Gonzi and his team seemed to have turned into a bunch of Mullahs and decided to strengthen the barricades to keep us as distant as possible from the secular model that is so widely practiced in the majority of the other states within the EU. As I said in an earlier post, we are closer to the Vatican than to the EU itself. The government chooses to be close to the EU only where economic matters are concerned. There’s more to life than money, Mr Prime Minister, even though you preach about values and the ills of materialism. Maybe it’s high time that you start leading by example.

The Nationalist camp (both through its MEPs and the Cabinet) has been raising the middle finger towards those who advise secularism. If Gonzi decides to send his Social Policy Minister to discuss ethical issues with the Holy See, then he should ask the Catholic Church for support. He cannot go on ignoring a growing section of society as he pleases, and then asks for its support only when he needs it.

He cannot expect every single person who endorsed the EU membership to support his candidates for voting consistency’s sake. If anything, those who – like me – will abstain to voice our protest at a Taliban government are being consistent. We saw the EU as a vehicle that will lead us to secularism. The government is doing its best to obstruct this process, hence we do not support the government. Logical isn’t it?

If the PN wants to form a government that truly represents everyone (as promised by GonziPN in the last electoral campaign), then it needs to respect the will of an ever-growing group of individuals.

Apart from secularist reasons, there is also the protest vote. Many people use EP and local council elections to voice their protest against the incumbent government which, incidentally, is not a star performer at the moment.

Additionally, the PN must keep in mind that the only reason that the majority of voters did not vote it out in the general elections as well is that there was no alternative government. It would have been 1996 all over again; or maybe even worse as Sant got even more bitter, and the chip on his shoulder was snowballing with every day that went by.

That is the main and possibly the only reason why the PN is still in government after two decades.


Written by mickeymalta

19/04/2009 at 16:01