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Double standards are divisive

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You see? JC and Muhammed are friends

First of all I would like to apologise for the hiatus but I am flat out and snowed under at work. My new boss is a slave driver and I’ve been literally working 16 hours a day for these past 2 weeks.

Now that I got this out of the system, I can finally start to vent my frustrations again. As early as last Month, Comedy Central censored an episode of South Park because it mocked the Prophet Muhammed. Now this is bad, and it’s not the mockery of Muhammed I’m talking about, but the censorship. I believe that people should be free to make fun of symbols and leaders – be they political or religious – and I don’t agree with censorship on the basis that the humour may offend others.

I’m sure that any kind of joke on any subject is bound to offend someone at some point. The fish breeders association, for instance, may be offended by someone who links fish with stupidity because of their short term memory loss. This is the way I see it: if you feel offended by something you’re watching on TV, change channel. If you are offended by something that someone said during a live show in a theatre, walk out. You are actually free to do so.

I can never come to terms with the idea that some people want to stop others from doing what they do because the patronising idiots don’t like the other performer’s work. Get a life.

Having said that, I am completely allergic to double standards. So the same Comedy Central TV station that censored the South Park episode less than a month ago is now working on an animated series based on Christ. I’m no fan of any religion, but if South Park was censored on the basis of religion, why are they making a whole series to mock JC?

The Western world tends to be more tolerant than the Muslim world, and many people in the West think that it is OK to mock religion while the same cannot be said of the Muslim world. However, Comedy Central have now set a precedent and they should be consistent.

It is precisely this kind of behaviour from fellow Westerners that is fomenting religious divisions in different societies. Just because Muslims are VERY vociferous and dogmatic they should not get a special treatment. Comedy Central needs to have a clear policy on religious mockery. It should decide whether this is acceptable (and I agree it is), or not. Applying double standards is unjust and, ultimately, divisive.


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08/05/2010 at 10:47

Mass on Facebook

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I will attract youngsters to me thanks to this trendy attire

The smiling bishop has just claimed that “The Catholic Church should examine itself and its methods of evangelisation” according to The Times. I guess that this means that we will be flooded with Facebook churches and “bible reading of the day” tweets.

Obviously, the Church needs to choose a medium that is a one way communication vehicle. No matter how much the Catholic Church talks about changing times, it has to keep preaching and talking down to its followers. It has no other option because it’s a religion. It is promoting a product full of logical fallacies, superstition and fantasy; and blind faith is the only reason why people don’t question and challenge their beliefs. The minute that dogma is challenged, the very existence of the organisation is threatened. That’s why Religions have to resort to indoctrination as opposed to teaching – even though they claim otherwise.

When you teach something to someone, you reason it out, discuss it with the learner, let him or her challenge your claims, and reach a conclusion. For very obvious reasons, no religion can ever adopt this approach. Otherwise there will be chaos together with a whole myriad of mixed messages coming out from different people.  For this reason, no religion can be ‘modern’ and appealing to an intelligent society.

It’s also funny to see the head of Rocker Curia coming up with this assertion, especially when this is put into the whole context of his previous assertions. Only a few months ago, these same heads were on the brink of hysteria to intimidate and control revellers at the Nadur carnival; when carnival is the reign of anarchy.  The smiling bishop is also that same person who lashed out at secularism during his homily on 8 September 2008.

If the heads of our Curia can’t understand post-modern philosophy – which is now passé, how can they ever think of speaking the language of “modern people”?

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18/04/2010 at 10:34

This is not a Hollywood movie

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It seems that Nazinger is surrounded by cover-ups everywhere he goes

This is a report from today’s The Guardian:

As Pope Benedict XVI flew to Malta yesterday for his first overseas visit since the eruption of the latest clerical abuse scandal to rock the Roman Catholic church, it emerged that new claims were to be made of a cover-up operation to clear him of responsibility.

A report in the German news magazine Der Spiegel, to be published tomorrow, will say that a former aide was put under “heavy” pressure to take the blame for an abuse scandal in the pope’s former archdiocese of Munich and Freising. In 1980, while the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was archbishop, a priest known to be a paedophile was accepted into the archdiocese and, instead of being given therapy as planned, he was swiftly assigned to parish duties.

After the case was brought to light by the New York Times last month, Benedict’s former vicar-general in Munich, Gerhard Gruber, accepted “full responsibility” for the decision.

According to Der Spiegel, citing sources very close to the 81-year-old prelate, Gruber received a string of telephone calls in which church officials “begged” him to take the blame. After he agreed, he was sent a fax containing the statement that he eventually issued, the weekly will say. The priest, Father Peter Hullermann, went on to commit an offence involving a boy for which he was tried and convicted.

In Spain, meanwhile, it was reported that a cardinal who congratulated a French bishop on not reporting a paedophile abbot said he had cleared his message of congratulations with the late pope, John Paul II. La Verdad, a newspaper in the southern city of Murcia, said that Cardinal Dario Castrillón Hoyos told a press conference in the city on Friday that he wrote a letter to the bishop “after consulting the pope and showing it to him”.

The cardinal added that the late pontiff “authorised me to send the letter to all the bishops in the world and put it on the internet”.

The pope flew out of Rome after receiving an unexpected and unconditional endorsement from Silvio Berlusconi’s government. In greetings sent to the pontiff on his 83rd birthday on Friday, the Italian government blamed the scandal on an “unspeakable campaign of slander against the church and the pope”.

The statement was one of several indications that Benedict’s supporters were shifting from defence to attack in their run-up to the fifth anniversary of the start of his papacy tomorrow.

A junior minister at the Italian ministry of culture, Francesco Giro, was joined by six other members of parliament and numerous regional, provincial and local councillors in a special prayer service for the pope yesterday in Rome.

Critics and supporters alike will be watching to see if Benedict uses his visit to Malta to comment on the continuing scandal and meet local abuse victims.

Some 2,000 police and military have been deployed by the government to ensure the pope’s security during his two-day visit to the island where St Paul is believed to have been welcomed after a shipwreck on his way to Rome. Tradition has it that he landed on Malta 1,950 years ago, and last night Benedict was due to pray at the grotto where, according to tradition, the apostle took refuge.

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18/04/2010 at 09:46

The blue penis deceit

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Not approved by the Neo C posse

Fresh from The Times

Luqa ‘phallic’ monument hidden with banner

Members of the Neo Catechumenal Movement hid the infamous Luqa monument with a banner as the Pope passed through Luqa on his way to Valletta.

The large black and white banner carried the words “Cammino Neo Catecumenale” and a colour picture of the Madonna and child.

The phallic like structure in Luqa has made it to the international news in the past days after the mayor requested its removal.

Essentially, the messages that the Neo C sect is sending are:

  • the Pope will interpret the Luqa phallus as a practical joke related to his paedophile subjects’ favourite tool
  • the Pope is not old/mature enough to be exposed to sexual imagery
  • the Pope lacks any intellectual ability to appreciate modern art
  • it’s OK for all other Heads of state and common (Rocker) folk to be exposed to the blue penis, but the Pope is a cut above the rest

If Nazinger is allergic to blue penises, then he should not be allowed to watch Watchmen.

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17/04/2010 at 17:41

Idiots turn ordinary people into stars

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An ordinary person who achieved a cult status thanks to an idiot

Does the name Muntadar al-Zaidi ring a bell to you? Probably not. However, I’m sure that you are well aware of his stunt. He’s the guy who threw his shoes at George W Bush in Iraq.

Now we have our local version of al-Zaidi. The only problem is that he or she is anonymous. Someone created a Facebook fan page called The guy that spray painted Pedobear onto the Pope billboards, and as I write, this person has already garnered 559 fans.

This person is our own Muntadar al-Zaidi. It’s a pity that s/he did not sign his graffiti like Banksy does. He or she used the Banksy’s stencil technique, but should have been more proud of one’s work by signing it.

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11/04/2010 at 21:27

Take them to Room 101

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What did someone stencil Pedobear on this billboard? Let me ask a rocket scientist . . .

Both The Times (yesterday) and today’s The Malta Independent on Sunday carry a report on how the billboards promoting the pope’s visit were vandalised.

I find this disgusting and abhorrent. The term “vandalised” leads one to believe that these billboards were covered in paint or set on fire. THAT is vandalism. A simple dictionary definition describes vandalism as: wilful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property. Did the protestor(s) maliciously destruct the billboards? I don’t even thing that one can argue that the billboards were “wilfully defaced”. By wilful defacement, I get the impression that someone just threw paint at the billboard. In these cases, we have nothing of this sort. On the contrary, we have a clear message showing the protestor(s) disgust about Blessed16‘s approach to cases of paedophile priests.

It’s also amazing how the great journalists at The Times can’t make a connection (“It is not clear why the “artist” in question juxtaposed the bears with the Pope.”) between the “stencilled bears” and the Pope. It’s Pedobear, you idiots.

To make matters worse, this morning’s Independent has joined ” . . .  the Curia in its condemnation of the despicable vandalism and urges the authorities to leave no stone unturned in bringing those responsible to justice.” Essentially, TMIS is claiming that it’s ok for someone to hide child abuse cases, but if someone uses humour on a billboard to show one’s disapproval of these cover-ups, then that’s not acceptable.

Instead of filling their newspaper pages with questions and investigative reports about the Pope’s choice to safeguard the institution’s reputation over the well-being of innocent children, these journalists have joined the herd blindly marching their way to the Granaries.

This is unfortunately just another proof – if proof was needed – that this TRULY is the zone where ‘normal’ things don’t happen very often; and that our priorities are just as screwed up as the Vatican’s.

* A NOTE TO THE TIMES’S  ILLUSTRIOUS JOURNALISTS: There is no connection whatsoever between Room 101 and Radio 101. So why did I choose Room 101? Work it out yourselves. Judging by your comments about the “stencilled bear”, it would be very interesting to see what you come up with.

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11/04/2010 at 10:47

The loop is in motion

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You're only allowed to talk about her voice. Just DON'T MENTION HER FIGURE

What If We stop Eurobitchin'?

As I browse through the local news portals in the early hours of the morning, I am getting the first taste of the umpteenth déjà vu. The first comments are being posted on The Times website and unsurprisingly, they’re recycled comments from the past. The loop I mentioned last Friday is already in motion. As the Italians aptly put it: “e` un film gia` visto”.

From what I heard, it seems that Chiara can take any form of criticism – except the slightest comment about her figure. So if anyone wants to pass any comments about Chiara, please don’t dare mention her figure (it reminds me of Basil Fawlty’s “don’t mention the war” warnings). Any other comment is welcome.

Let the bitching begin……………….

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17/05/2009 at 01:40

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