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Court case . . . voting documents . . . court case . . . voting documents . . .

Court case . . . voting documents . . . court case . . . voting documents . . .

A man charged with disobeying police orders was acquitted after the officers who were meant to testify as the prosecution’s main witnesses missed the court sitting because they were distributing voting documents.

The presiding Magistrate lambasted the prosecution as its main witnesses failed to turn up at a court sitting to do some other job. But what is it, one may ask, that’s so important to take precedence over a court sitting? The pleasure is yet to come . . . .

The two police officers, who happen to be the main witnesses in this case, were distributing votes for the upcoming elections.

Ironically, this person was facing charges of disobedience towards two police officers who were investigating a report filed by a customer. Needless to say, the Magistrate was ticked off at the fact that such a menial task took priority over a court case, and as a result of this, he dismissed the case.

Amongst the many tragicomic aspects of this incident, I am fascinated by the fact that one of the main objectives of both EU membership and local councils was the improvement of our way of life. It’s extremely ironic that a court case regarding a customer’s complaint had to be thrown out of the window because the main witnesses were knocking on people’s doors to hand out voting documents for elections that should improve their customer services and consumer rights, amongst other things.


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11/05/2009 at 18:33

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