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This is not a Hollywood movie

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It seems that Nazinger is surrounded by cover-ups everywhere he goes

This is a report from today’s The Guardian:

As Pope Benedict XVI flew to Malta yesterday for his first overseas visit since the eruption of the latest clerical abuse scandal to rock the Roman Catholic church, it emerged that new claims were to be made of a cover-up operation to clear him of responsibility.

A report in the German news magazine Der Spiegel, to be published tomorrow, will say that a former aide was put under “heavy” pressure to take the blame for an abuse scandal in the pope’s former archdiocese of Munich and Freising. In 1980, while the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was archbishop, a priest known to be a paedophile was accepted into the archdiocese and, instead of being given therapy as planned, he was swiftly assigned to parish duties.

After the case was brought to light by the New York Times last month, Benedict’s former vicar-general in Munich, Gerhard Gruber, accepted “full responsibility” for the decision.

According to Der Spiegel, citing sources very close to the 81-year-old prelate, Gruber received a string of telephone calls in which church officials “begged” him to take the blame. After he agreed, he was sent a fax containing the statement that he eventually issued, the weekly will say. The priest, Father Peter Hullermann, went on to commit an offence involving a boy for which he was tried and convicted.

In Spain, meanwhile, it was reported that a cardinal who congratulated a French bishop on not reporting a paedophile abbot said he had cleared his message of congratulations with the late pope, John Paul II. La Verdad, a newspaper in the southern city of Murcia, said that Cardinal Dario Castrillón Hoyos told a press conference in the city on Friday that he wrote a letter to the bishop “after consulting the pope and showing it to him”.

The cardinal added that the late pontiff “authorised me to send the letter to all the bishops in the world and put it on the internet”.

The pope flew out of Rome after receiving an unexpected and unconditional endorsement from Silvio Berlusconi’s government. In greetings sent to the pontiff on his 83rd birthday on Friday, the Italian government blamed the scandal on an “unspeakable campaign of slander against the church and the pope”.

The statement was one of several indications that Benedict’s supporters were shifting from defence to attack in their run-up to the fifth anniversary of the start of his papacy tomorrow.

A junior minister at the Italian ministry of culture, Francesco Giro, was joined by six other members of parliament and numerous regional, provincial and local councillors in a special prayer service for the pope yesterday in Rome.

Critics and supporters alike will be watching to see if Benedict uses his visit to Malta to comment on the continuing scandal and meet local abuse victims.

Some 2,000 police and military have been deployed by the government to ensure the pope’s security during his two-day visit to the island where St Paul is believed to have been welcomed after a shipwreck on his way to Rome. Tradition has it that he landed on Malta 1,950 years ago, and last night Benedict was due to pray at the grotto where, according to tradition, the apostle took refuge.


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18/04/2010 at 09:46

You ain’t kidding me

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I'm Josef Ratzinger: a fomer member of the Hitler Youths and a supporter of Crimen Sollicitationis. I'll do my best to ensure that you're protected . . . . or will I?

One of the leading news stories these last two days must have been the Pope’s apology to the victims of child sex abuse by clergy in Ireland and his subsequent order for an official inquiry. Good. Brilliant. This is the kind of behaviour we’d like to see from any leader.

However, if you thought for a second that Josef Ratzinger aka “The Pope” strongly feels that the rife child abuse within the organisation he heads needs to be eradicated, you are clearly mistaken. Josef Ratzinger is the same person who, on the 18 May 2002, reminded bishops around the world about a document issued in 1962 consisting of clear instructions and procedures instructing Church leaders to hide any reports on acts of paedophilia performed by clerics from the authorities and report them only to the Vatican instead. The objective of this document is to bury these claims as fast as possible and get rid of the evidence.

Paedophilia is the most serious of crimes. It’s utterly revolting and highly immoral; so you’d expect the Church to take serious action against its own Ministers who are found guilty of such atrocities. The least they could do is excommunicate these monsters and report them to the Police in order to make sure that no further harm is done – to protect other children from the preying paws of these ‘people‘. By the way.  I have two supplementary questions to make: 1) these same people were created by God in his own image, right? and 2) is it part of God’s divine plan for the poor victims (innocent children) to suffer from that abuse?

Back to the Church. Instead of taking concrete action against paedophile priests, the Church simply transfers them from one diocese to another. This is no punishment. If you think about it, this is a dream job for any paedophile. If you’re a paedophile, priesthood is the best job for you. Many parents tend to respect you by default and they trust you blindly with their kids. This will give you full to innocent kids, you get to abuse of them, and when your cover is blown you get to move to a different location to practice your favourite sport. A new cycle kicks off. What can be better than that?

So what did Ratzinger instruct bishops to do exactly? The document he referred to is called “Crimen Sollicitationis, and it has consistently achieved its objective to act as a huge stumbling block for anyone trying to probe into allegations of sex abuse within the Church. Inevitably, one has to ask who is the real Ratzinger? Is it the one encouraging bishops all around the world to follow Crimen Sollicitationis,or the one launching an official inquiry (because he has no other choice)? Do I even need to think about an answer?

Back at home, our Commissioner for Children has been very conspicuous by her absence. Her silence is deafening. She should have been lobbying the Curia to make sure that Crimen Sollicitationis is not put into practice. Recently, The Malta Independent on Sunday ran a number a stories about Fr Felix Cini who is a “Coespicua-born Maltese priest serving in Italy implicated in and condemned on paedophilia charges”. Both The Curia and Mrs Carmen Zammit have nothing to say about this issue. I reiterate. This is not a petty crime we’re talking about. It’s the most gruesome act a person can ever perform. But in reality, who can expect a strong believer to challenge his or her religious leaders? What if she’ll be condemned to eternal damnation by her all loving God for doing her job?

The only way parents can ensure that their offspring are sheltered from peadophile priests is to treat the latter with utmost suspicion and care as opposed to . . . . . . . blind faith.

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21/03/2010 at 17:15

How dare they?

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Gonzi's PC desktop picture

Gonzi's PC desktop picture

Earlier this afternoon I happened to listen to Gonzi’s address during the extraordinary general council. As expected, this was essentially a long list of reasons why we should all vote for the Nationalist candidates in the upcoming EP elections.

At one point, he made a ‘revelation’ which I found shockingly disturbing. He said that during its last vote in the European Parliament, someone had the temerity to propose an amendment to condemn one of the pope’s recent statements. As if that’s not enough to scandalise the former president of the Catholic Action, a fellow Rocker went a step further.

One of the Labour MEPs actually voted in favour of this amendment while our hero PN MEPs voted against. In view of this, he warned, people should be careful who they vote into the EP as this is also an issue of values. While he stopped short of explaining which statement the EPs were asked to vote against, he also failed to mention which Labour MEP voted in favour. For the record, he also expressed his concerns about Labour’s strategy to attract the liberal vote. Instead of criticising Labour for the huge gap between its progressive claims and its redneck behaviour, he opted to fly the conservative flag.

This kind of behaviour is yet another proof to me that we’re in a sorry state of affairs, and that our Prime Minister’s loyalty lies with the Vatican and not the EU.  It seems that Gonzi was not the only member for the EPP-ED to be offended by the amendment. Their press release on 5 May refers to the Liberals’ proposal to condemn the pope’s claims about condoms as a preventive measure against AIDS as being “totally unacceptable”. This is a good enough reason not to vote for PN candidates.

Ironically, Gonzi himself was reported to disagree with the pope’s claims when he discussed the issue with the Sewedish Foreign Trade Minister, Ewa Björling. So I don’t know what this fuss is all about.

The PN seems to be unaware that the increasing number of liberals on this island tend to hail from Nationalist families, and his utter disgust at liberalism is diametrically opposed to the image of inclusion that he’s been trying to portray for these last two years.

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17/05/2009 at 15:58

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Johnnie Brown-Nose

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From Johnnie Cash to Johnnie Brown-Nose

The powers of conversion: from Johnnie Cash to Johnnie Brown-Nose

If we ever needed a confirmation that 1 May 2004 was an optical illusion performed by Lawrence Copperfield, it was confirmed today by Minister John Dalli’s visit to the Holy See.

Like many thousands of other inhabitants on this rock, I was led to believe that we joined the European Union: a political block that stands for and promotes economic growth and social liberties for the people who live within the member states.

Read my lips. IT WAS A LIE. We didn’t join the EU. We joined the smallest state within an EU state. As from today, we are officially members of the Vatican Union. I believe that we will soon be celebrating further enlargement (by 50%) when the Philippines joins this union shortly.

Why does the Social Policy Minister fly to Rome to “discuss ethical issues” with the Holy See? Are we somehow answerable to Rome? Did he run to the Monsignieurs to apologise and ask for their forgiveness for his comment about the need to discuss the ‘D’ issue a year ago? Did he actually promise to behave from now on in a “promise, I won’t do it again” kind of way? Will Tonio-support-Gift-of-Life-Borg be following  Johnny Brown-Nose’s footsteps to sign the official adhesion treaty?

Although the Cabinet chief is a former president of The Catholic Action, he should know damn well that he’s holding an entirely different role now. He’s running an EU country, and not some village religious group.  The Social Policy Minister should be discussing “ethical issues” with his EU counterparts. If the Holy See wants to push its agenda to the government, it should do so through the Archbishop here on this rock.

As if this is not ridiculous enough, “during this meeting Cardinal Javier Lozano explained his involvement in the Good Samaritan Foundation, which was instituted by the late Pope John Paul II to economically help the most needy and abandoned sick people in the world.

This foundation distributes funds collected from Catholics all over the world to AIDS sufferers.” (http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20090407/local/john-dalli-discusses-ethical-issues-at-holy-see)

Last time I checked, the African continent has the biggest percentage of AIDS sufferers. If I am not mistaken, prevention is better than cure. However, only a few weeks ago, Cardinal Lozano’s boss was preaching against the promotion of condoms in Africa as prevention against the FURTHER spreading of AIDS. AIDS sufferers don’t need money. They needed condoms BEFORE they got infected.

I am honestly losing the little hope I have left that this country will for once act normally and sensibly.

How ridiculous. Give us a break, will you?

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08/04/2009 at 00:05