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Why am I not surprised?

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Latest news on The Times Website (http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20090331/local/health): Malta has been ranked in 23rd out of 31 positions in a report entitled “Empowerment of the European Patient – Options and Implications,” published in Brussels today.

This article will definitely strike a cord with those who at some point in their life had to cross the borders to the independent state of medicaland. It’s a strange place where one has to chase doctors to get information about oneself or his/her loved one who is helpless in hospital. No briefings from the doctors’ end, no support and – worst of all – no ‘bedside manner’.

Before we even start talking about customer empowerment, we need to bring some (the majority, that is) doctors down to Earth and make them realise that patients and their families have feelings. They’re not numbers. They’re not bed number 5.

I also don’t know why some (once again – the majority, that is) doctors seem to assume a completely different persona when you visit them at their private clinics. Do they undergo personality modification manipulation upon entering the ┬ámother of god hospital And is this undone on their way out?

I also don’t understand how things only seem to start moving once the patient or the immediate family (of the ailing patient in hospital) visits the consultant privately. Otherwise, there’s always a loooooooooong waiting list.

Before someone invades this republic, eradicates the anarchy that runs rife within it, and brings order to the little independent state of medicaland, it would be completely futile to even look at the empowerment report.


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31/03/2009 at 21:34

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