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God on film

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Oh God! He looks happy. Why is no one talking to him?

It seems that journalists at The Times are consistently failing to do a decent job on week-ends. They failed to follow-up on a story that could answer millions of questions to billions of people; a story that will undoubtedly bring peace and love to the whole world (or floods and pestilence – depending on the main character’s mood). And yet, they do nothing about it.

About an hour ago, The Times updated their website to keep us all informed about the Pope’s visit, and they publish a picture of . . . GOD HIMSELF! There’s no mention of an interview (planned or hastily carried out) with HIM. What is this? Are they afraid that the Pope will be pissed off because he was upstaged by his boss?

Let’s face it. Statistics show that Atheism is the third biggest religion, and God’s presence here on the Rock will definitely put an estimated 1.1 billion people out of their misery. I cannot possibly fathom how our illustrious journalists did nothing about this once-in-a-planet-lifetime event! God reveals himself to us and they ignore him because they’re too busy waiting for the Pope. There are so many questions they could have asked him. They could have also invited him to address the whole world . . . . after Ratzinger’s address, of course.  This is a great opportunity to speak to everyone journalists from all corners of the world will be following Razzie in these next few hours; or shall I say minutes?

But what’s REALLY surprising  is that for the first time in His life, God looks happy. He is ACTUALLY smiling. After decades of drowning people and handing out punishments like Kwiksave gifts, God is finally happy. And he got himself pictured in a miraculous t-shirt with the word “Paulus” written in reverse too!


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17/04/2010 at 16:20

This God is an idiot

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As the saying goes: an idiot is a genius to another idiot

Imagine that life here on this earth is a small scale reflection of the cosmos. In the same way  that every village here on earth has an idiot – THE idiot – the big guys in the ever expanding universe must have their own idiots too.

If that is the case, then we’re unlucky to be born on THE planet that was created by the Gods’ village idiot. Yeah, that’s right. The God that’s venerated by billions of people on this little planet must be the village idiot in Godworld. Just take a cursory look around you and you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands,  of clues leading to this conclusion.

I don’t believe that we’re alone in the universe. If we will ever be lucky enough to make contact with other civilisations out there in the future, and these turn out to be more advanced than us, they will either be a religion-free (o r free of any other superstitious beliefs at all) civilisation, or believe in Gods that are completely different to the ones worshipped here.

If the latter will be the case, I can bet my head that they won’t be worshipping someone who consistently seems to be making the wrong choices while proclaiming to be almighty and all knowing.

Faith and fear  are the greatest assets that this God could ever have. If people weren’t  brainwashed to fear God and have total faith in his plan since their birth, then he would be cast aside even by the creatures of his own making.

Let me point out a few reasons why I believe that this God is an idiot:

Many religions claim that their God is the creator of the whole universe. This means that he had (and still has) total control over his creations: the looks, the actions, the thoughts, etc. worse still, some religions hold that we’re created in his true image and likeness! Yet, a few hundred years after he went through the hassle of creating Earth and the universe, he was enraged by  the way humans were behaving and decided to (practically) eradicate mankind bar a 600 year old man and his family, and all the animals that this poor old sod could take on his ark.

Since God is all-knowing, he must have known that humans would piss him off in the future, so why did he make man fallible in the first place? And why did he only tell Noah to save animals (that must include mice and insects) but he didn’t save the innocent new born children. This would have at least spared Noah’s family from practicing incest (like Eve and her sons did before them) to multiply the human race.

Speaking about man’s fallibility, instead of creating his mistakes in “take two”, the post-flood humans don’t seem to be any different from those who lived in the pre-flood era. So why go through all the trouble of destroying the planet when after some time humanity would go back to that same point that irked him so much? This genocide must have been a total failure. Only an idiot would go through such a hassle when he knows that it’s not going to yield any desired result.

But it gets worse. He wanted to communicate his love to us, and he wanted us to know that he has a divine plan. Instead of doing something about it himself, he chose humans to do it. The result of God’s laziness: different religions and peoples killing each other in God’s name through all the different ages. In his wisdom,  God also promised a holy land to his people. One would expect The Holy Land to be a true example of heaven on earth. Ironically, it’s the complete opposite. It’s literally hell on earth.  This is the single most violent region on the whole planet; and it has been like that for centuries and “God knows” when or if this holy war will ever end. Excellent work indeed.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t go into the old testament’s claim of God causing people to sacrifice their children or allowing Lot to offer his daughters to the mob to gang rape them. I didn’t mention how the Bible promotes xenophobia; homophobia and hatred towards women; or how Jesus spoke about the need for salves to respect their master and did not utter a single word about womens’ rights. I also left out God’s (ethically-challenged) deals with people – especially locally – where he is willing to tweak his divine plan in exchange for prayer, a gold ring, a bracelet, and other material items.

Only an idiot can be easily bribed by people who will then spread the word tall all and sundry accompanied by pictures of the statue which is then adorned with the  golden watch, necklace, or earring. Wise people take bribes in private and they make sure they cover all their tracks. And why do statues need jewellery anyway?

Closer to our time, I’m deeply concerned about his choices. He is supposed to handpick people to act as his ministers. His preachers. One would expect priests to be a shining example of how God would like man to behave. Unfortunately, it turns out that a huge number of the people God himself has handpicked (remember?) throughout the years were anything but. The Catholic Church’s history is inundated with priests who would have been more suitable for Alistair Crowley’s role (in the divine plan?) than the one they actually played. Just think about the inquisition, the missionaries, paedophile priests, high ranking Church officials connected to various secret organisations . . . .  The list goes on and on.

Islamic suicide bombers and other Jihad fanatics choose to do what they do because they believe that they’re God’s (or Allah’s) soldiers. They’re simply the messengers of the supreme being, and are acting on his behalf. Obviously defenders of religion will say that this is the wrong interpretation of the Quran. This takes me back to my original point: why did he deliver his word through humans? Is that wise? Look at the consequences.

I’m really not impressed.  There are loads of other examples that I can bring. In fact, I can write a whole book about God’s idiocy. However, I still won’t manage to do it as eloquently as George Carlin described the greatest bullshit story ever told: “Something is definitely wrong. This is not good work. If this is the best God can do, I am not impressed. Results like these do not belong in the résumé of a supreme being. This is the kind of shit you would expect from an office temp with a bad attitude………. In between you and me, in any decent run universe this guy would have been out of his all-powerful-ass a long time ago.”

I don’t know if there’s some form of energy or supreme being out there that is the prime moving force for creation. It doesn’t really make a difference to the way I lead my life. I can only be sure of one thing: the idiot projected by religions cannot possibly be true. It simply just cannot be. No creature can be so self-contradictory, extremely violent and utterly stupid, let alone a supreme being.

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29/03/2010 at 16:37

Session 4: Morality Without God

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I will not be ‘delivering’ a long sermon in today’s Ezercizzi tar-Randan session as these videos drive a very strong message home, and they do so very effectively.

The two videos beneath this posting tackle the subject from two completely different angles.  The first posting by The Thinking Atheist analyses the issue from the Biblical point of view.

The second video is a recording of Sam Harris‘s talk during the TED conference in Long Beach last February, where he argued that science can answer moral questions.

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24/03/2010 at 18:54

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You ain’t kidding me

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I'm Josef Ratzinger: a fomer member of the Hitler Youths and a supporter of Crimen Sollicitationis. I'll do my best to ensure that you're protected . . . . or will I?

One of the leading news stories these last two days must have been the Pope’s apology to the victims of child sex abuse by clergy in Ireland and his subsequent order for an official inquiry. Good. Brilliant. This is the kind of behaviour we’d like to see from any leader.

However, if you thought for a second that Josef Ratzinger aka “The Pope” strongly feels that the rife child abuse within the organisation he heads needs to be eradicated, you are clearly mistaken. Josef Ratzinger is the same person who, on the 18 May 2002, reminded bishops around the world about a document issued in 1962 consisting of clear instructions and procedures instructing Church leaders to hide any reports on acts of paedophilia performed by clerics from the authorities and report them only to the Vatican instead. The objective of this document is to bury these claims as fast as possible and get rid of the evidence.

Paedophilia is the most serious of crimes. It’s utterly revolting and highly immoral; so you’d expect the Church to take serious action against its own Ministers who are found guilty of such atrocities. The least they could do is excommunicate these monsters and report them to the Police in order to make sure that no further harm is done – to protect other children from the preying paws of these ‘people‘. By the way.  I have two supplementary questions to make: 1) these same people were created by God in his own image, right? and 2) is it part of God’s divine plan for the poor victims (innocent children) to suffer from that abuse?

Back to the Church. Instead of taking concrete action against paedophile priests, the Church simply transfers them from one diocese to another. This is no punishment. If you think about it, this is a dream job for any paedophile. If you’re a paedophile, priesthood is the best job for you. Many parents tend to respect you by default and they trust you blindly with their kids. This will give you full to innocent kids, you get to abuse of them, and when your cover is blown you get to move to a different location to practice your favourite sport. A new cycle kicks off. What can be better than that?

So what did Ratzinger instruct bishops to do exactly? The document he referred to is called “Crimen Sollicitationis, and it has consistently achieved its objective to act as a huge stumbling block for anyone trying to probe into allegations of sex abuse within the Church. Inevitably, one has to ask who is the real Ratzinger? Is it the one encouraging bishops all around the world to follow Crimen Sollicitationis,or the one launching an official inquiry (because he has no other choice)? Do I even need to think about an answer?

Back at home, our Commissioner for Children has been very conspicuous by her absence. Her silence is deafening. She should have been lobbying the Curia to make sure that Crimen Sollicitationis is not put into practice. Recently, The Malta Independent on Sunday ran a number a stories about Fr Felix Cini who is a “Coespicua-born Maltese priest serving in Italy implicated in and condemned on paedophilia charges”. Both The Curia and Mrs Carmen Zammit have nothing to say about this issue. I reiterate. This is not a petty crime we’re talking about. It’s the most gruesome act a person can ever perform. But in reality, who can expect a strong believer to challenge his or her religious leaders? What if she’ll be condemned to eternal damnation by her all loving God for doing her job?

The only way parents can ensure that their offspring are sheltered from peadophile priests is to treat the latter with utmost suspicion and care as opposed to . . . . . . . blind faith.

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21/03/2010 at 17:15

Session 3: The God Equation

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I received an email yesterday claiming that “someone must be responsible” for the miracle of creation. The argument goes that life forms are very complex, and nature works in harmony therefore this is a work of a supreme being – otherwise known as ‘Intelligent Design’.

It doesn’t make logical sense at all. Just because one cannot understand or explain how things work at a particular point in time does not mean buy inference, or imply that there is a supreme being. This argument doesn’t do any justice to any religion, and one would expect intelligent clerics to discourage this kind of reasoning because: a) it is fallacious, and b) if and when science offers an explanation to that phenomenon, that whole argument crumbles and turns on its head disproving the existence of a supreme being and its intelligent design. furthermore, just because this person cannot understand the harmony of nature, it doesn’t mean that no one else can. Science has, in fact, deciphered the works of nature and the groundbreaking discovery was made by a chap called Charles Darwin.

Primitive societies didn’t understand natural phenomena like the four seasons, the day and night cycle, thunder and lightning, wind and hurricanes, and the rest.  Since these changes happened in the sky, they interpreted these ‘mysteries’ as a kind of action by someone “up there”. As time went by, we began to understand these mysteries and we are now not only able to explain these occurrences scientifically, but we’re also in a position to predict what’s going to happen days, weeks, or even months before they actually happen.

The advancement of science will eventually provide the answers to the mysteries we cannot solve now, but this will in turn give rise to new mysteries and the cycle will go on and on. In reality, if we only relied on religion, we would still believe that the earth is flat, that the sun revolves around it, that prayer will heal the sick, and so on.

One cursory look at the world around us tells us that we’re leading a better and a healthier life because of scientific knowledge. We’re living longer because of the advancement of medicine, and we’re living under constant threats of terrorism because of . . . . . religion!

Additionally, for those who believe that they’re being watched and cared for by an almighty and all-loving god, I asked them watch this short movie and have a serious rethink:

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19/03/2010 at 10:23

Session 2: In the Beginning . . . .

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The second session deals with the creation account. The reality is that this story was invented by bronze age Sheiks that hoped to be able to explain”the beginning”.

Because religion is by its very own nature dogmatic, millions of people take this story literally.  Worse still, millions of children learning this “theory” as an actual fact at schools. There’s an ongoing struggle between ‘creationists’ and ‘evolutionists’ in the US, and there is one school in Mosta that actually teaches creationism to its students.  This is very damaging as these poor students are being shaped to accept absurdities as opposed to being encouraged to develop a critical mind; but that’s religion for you. I don’t intend to go into the ‘creationism vs evolution’ debate. All I’d like to say is that last time I checked, he bible was proved wrong whenever it tried to dabble into scientific matters. Galileo and Darwin are two classic examples.

Personally speaking, it is not difficult to understand why reason is any religion’s worst enemy. And why is it that the Catholic Church has to have a say whenever there’s a scientific breakthrough – like in Galileo’s and Darwin’s cases, and stem cell research more recently?  I think that many religions feel that science threatens their very existence, and therefore most of the struggles against science are essentially a fight for survival.

Is it a coincidence that the poor and lesser-educated societies tend to be way more religious than others that are more developed and cultured? I honestly believe that the world would have been a much better place without religions. There is no doubt in my mind that, scientifically speaking,  we would be way ahead where we stand today as this was stifled by the Holy Inquisition in the dark ages, and superstitions in other eras.

The absence of religion would have also spared us a huge number of ‘holy wars’ – some of which are still going on. It’s true that conflict is part of human nature and that there would have been wars even in the absence of religions, but the difference with holy wars is that people truly believe that they’re serving a supreme being and therefore their actions are justified by the fact that they’re acting in the name of the one and only true god.

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Session 1: The Invisible God

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Courtesy of The Thinking Atheist website.

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