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Why should I bother? I’m not represented anyway

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Let the sycophants come to me

Let the sycophants come to me

There is no better time than EP election time to voice my concerns about our complete detachment from the EU where civil liberties are concerned.

I remember a number of PN officials, during the referendum campaign, painstakingly explaining to us that the EU membership is not an A la Carte kinda thing. You can’t pick the things you like and ditch the ones you don’t. And you know what? They were right. However, it is very sad indeed to see the same people acting like EU membership IS a pick ‘n mix facility.

Our dear government seems so keen to adhere to EU principles and directives that are related to fiscal policy, and then it acts like a fundamentalist state that is light years away from the continent where civil liberties are concerned. Isn’t this an A la Carte approach?

Many people saw the EU as the only possible vehicle that will take this country to the 20th century, as unfortunately we’re still stuck in the 16th century where civil liberties are concerned. Our government decided to ignore the liberal minority (that’s growing very rapidly, though), and as a member of this minority group, I think that this is the right time to return the favour.

As Isaac Newton put it: “for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction”. This perfectly explains the reason behind my actions.

My plan is very simple. As we approach the EP elections this June, the party leaders will be doing their best to convince us that it is in the absolute best interest of the country to elect their candidates. They clearly must think we’re idiots; as even if one party elects all 5 members, it will not make the slightest difference in the grand scheme of things. Dr Siggie refers to this as “delusions of Grandeur”.

Yet, since this is such an important event for the parties, I will speak the only language they will understand: the votes language. So Minnie and I decided that as soon as we will receive the voting documents, we will send them to our friends who live in glass houses, Paul and Jason. Some friends have already decided to join us. I think that we’ll manage to please some people at Maltapost.

In keeping with the tradition established by this website, we will give you a sneak peek of our letter to the Secretary General of both parties. This is not covered by copyright, so please feel free to copy it and paste it should you decide to borrow our idea.

Dear Mr Micallef / Mr Borg Olivier

I am sending you my voting document as evidence of my abstention from the upcoming EP elections. I don’t feel that our country is embracing the true spirit and principles advocated by the EU, hence I see no reason why I should take part in this process.

At the end of the day, judging by the voting behaviour of your EPs during the last five years, I still don’t feel represented in the European Parliament by local candidates. Instead, I feel represented by other candidates who come from other countries on the opposing side of the Continent.

The day you stop being more concerned about pleasing the Catholic Church rather than addressing the needs of the people you represent, I may consider to start listening to what you have to say. Meanwhile, you can keep on being in cahoots with an institution that’s becoming increasingly irrelevant as time goes by.

Life is all about choices. You made yours, I made mine.

Now, if you excuse me, I am off to a week-end break with my family. I will be going somewhere that’s far enough to make me feel detached from the shenanigans and all the antics that will follow the EP elections. Please don’t bother to call me at home on election day, as no one will be there to pick up the phone. Besides, as you know very well, I am not able to vote, as you’re in possession of my document. Cherish it, and keep it in a safe place.

When your party commissions ‘experts’ to issue a report explaining the reasons behind your abysmal performance, you can attach all the voting documents that you receive in the Appendix section.

Thank you very much for your understanding, if any

Yours sincerely

Mickey/Minnie Malta

PS A copy of this letter is being sent to your counterpart within the other party.


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