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Eights months is a loooooong time

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Who said that The Rock is the place where time stood still?

Hello again. I’m back to The Rock. Boy, how things have changed in these last eight months.

Upon my return, I noticed that:

  • The Nationalist Party is increasingly looking like Alfred Sant’s Labour government with multiple Mintoffs
  • The Labour Party has morphed into an anonymous movement with no meaning and a vague agenda to please everyone
  • The conservative movement took over the country which is increasingly looking like Afghanistan under the Taliban regime
  • Female MP Justyne Caruana is proposing an archaic idea that brings Torquemada to shame (the proposal is neither progressive nor moderate)
  • Daphne’s blog has turned into the local version of The Sun and all the Italian gossip magazines rolled in one
  • Saviour Balzan seems to have been tamed by a circus master
  • Rockers are scared stiff to flush their toilets and switch on their light bulbs – oil lamps are back in fashion
  • People have the DUTY to remain silent on Facebook. Anything they say (and the photos they publish) can and will be used against them in the people’s court of Daph – ask Josephine Casabene who’s neither a politician nor a magistrate
  • The GonziPN mantra has changed from Flimkien Kollox Possibli to Jekk m’Intix Mieghi, Mela Inti Kontra Tieghi
  • Louis Galea and John Dalli are too good for The Rock – so much so that in true Christian Democratic fashion, our government wants all EU members to benefit from the astuteness and political acumen of these former PN giants
  • Divorce has finally made it to the top of the political agenda . . . but then again, it hasn’t
  • Nadur carnival enthusiasts have succumbed to pressures from the Lascaris Party when they should have all turned up in ‘offesnsive’ (in Taliban terms) costumes. It would have been quite amusing to see the Police arresting thousands of ravellers
  • Xarajunk is no longer the Rockers’ favourite TV programme

I’m sure that there are other changes, but these are my observations so far. I’ve only been here for 24 hours!

Since I’m an insignificant being, I was going to upload my pictures on Facebook by my good old pal Dr Friend advised me not to and I can understand why.

So long for now.


Written by mickeymalta

22/02/2010 at 17:25

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