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Fascism is all around me

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Wouldn't you escape from a war-ridden country where even clean water is a luxury?

Wouldn't you escape from a war-ridden country where even uncontaminated water is a luxury?

Generally speaking, I consider the Italians to be good at vocalising and articulating their thoughts, but poor at taking action, if they take action at all. In their own words: parole si, fatti no.

As an example of poor or no action, I usually cite the huge problem they have with most of their stadia every Sunday where families of avid supports spend the whole afternoon wondering whether their siblings will be coming back home at all, or if they will receive a phone call from hospital or the police.

The problem of violence in football is rampant, and they have been discussing it for as long as I can remember. From time to time, they pass some laws through parliament, but they never managed to tackle the issue properly. A complete opposite to how the UK eradicated hooliganism.

Unfortunately, as from today I will be citing a tragic example. In his petty little mind, Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said that today is an “historic day” in the fight against illegal immigration as boat people were returned to Libya before they could have even set their foot on Italian shores. This follows other incidents where people were treated like toxic waste by Italian government as they didn’t want to rescue people stranded at sea. Most probably, if the boats were full of dogs and cats, they would have obliged. This leads me to conclude that Mr Maroni considers the poor boat people as creatures that are inferior to dogs. This is anything buy an achievement. It’s a tragic day for humanity.

I was more than sure that this news will shock our catholic country as these kind of actions are diametrically opposed to Christ’s teachings. However, most of the comments beneath the story on The Times website were hailing Italy’s actions.(http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20090507/local/italy-cheers-direct-repatriation-of-migrants).

About two hours ago I posted the following comment, and for some odd reason they didn’t publish it. I wonder why!

I’m amazed at the short-sightedness of most of the people who commented! First of all, this approach goes against the Christian teachings that most of the inhabitants of this rock were flaunting a few weeks ago during lent.

Secondly, on a practical level, this is akin to sentencing someone before putting him on trial. What if some of the people on the boat – even if it was only one person – is eligible for a refugee status? This is akin to a doctor who drives a sick person home without treating him/her after finding him/heron his/her doorstep asking for help. I hope that Italy’s behaviour will be condemned by the rest of the civilised world. but then again, I may be a dreamer as some countries that form part of the civilised world are directly responsible for the mess in many African countries.

So the Times is happy to publish xenophobic and fascist comments, but it seems to be censoring comments that are not congruent with its apparent Fascist agenda. How can people possibly be so cruel in their comments? How can they possibly think of writing that kind of hogwash? How can Maroni be so irresponsible with his actions?

This is where MEPs should come in. This is their job. They should lobby the EU institutions to condemn Italy’s behaviour as it sets a very dangerous precedent both on a humanitarian, and on a political level. With this move, Maroni has broken the basic principles of the rule of law. He acted as the enforcer, the prosecutor and the executioner of these people in just one move. He created the role of a sort of legal trinity for himself. Who does he think he is? Judge Dredd?

I reiterate that these people may have been breaking the immigration laws, but the rule of law in a civilised society dictates that they should have had the possibility to explain the purpose of their actions. This is sheer savagery. Does he plan to eliminate the trails of whoever is caught red-handed in a criminal act in Italy by sending them directly to jail? Essentially that’s what he did today.

Sadly, Maroni’s thinking is purely Machiavellian. He’s only focusing on looking good in the eyes of his electorate while seeming to be teaching a lesson to those who intend to take this dangerous trip in the future. He’s ignoring the terrible conditions that these poor people live in, the traumas they may have gone through, and the implications that his actions may have on future cases. As a fellow citizen of Niccolo` Machiavelli,  he doesn’t give a flying hoot about the human implications of his actions. Why should he? The ends justify the means, right?

If Italy is led by short sighted politicians like Maroni, then I shouldn’t be surprised that the country is in such a mess. No wonder they can hardly get anything right. But then again, why should I be surprised when the Italian Prime Minister constantly makes a fool of himself and shows “compassion” to his own citizens by inviting them to pretend that they’re camping in their car just after they lost everything they had because of the earthquake in l’Aquila?

People truly get the government they deserve.


Written by mickeymalta

07/05/2009 at 18:43

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