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The troglodytes that invade Lidl

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The ‘documentary’ below was shot yesterday morning with the purpose to show what happens at Lidl every Monday and Thursday. It seems that people start congregating in front of these outlets from the early hours of the morning.

There’s no need for an extensive commentary about this clip, but be advised: the images are quite shocking. The country that boasts of a high standard of education lacks the basic form of education: civic education.

You will see people pushing and racing each other to the stalls to lay their hands on the weekly bargain. This week’s poor victim seems to have been a barbeque costing €20. Apparently, every Monday and Thursday (morning) it’s groundhog day at Lidl.

According to their website, the shops open at 07.30; so the people you see in the clip were waiting in line for at least an hour before the shop opened its doors.

You can clearly see the stampede, which reminded me of the parents’ race for the Turbo Man figure in Jingle All The Way, and the rhino stampede in Jumanji.  What is this? Why do people have to be so uncivil? What is this troglodyte behaviour all about? This is only about a barbecue! The people  act as though they’re escaping from a concentration camp where they have been detained for years. This (mis)behaviour in itself is already bad enough, but to think that it actually happens every week . . . . . I’m speechless. This is sheer savagery.

Watch the clip, cringe, and please please please keep in mind that this is for real. It is not a joke. Neither is it a marketing viral. This is real tv reminiscent of the Sicily trips during the glorious Mintoff years. Who knows? Maybe some people are still stuck in the past!


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28/04/2009 at 19:05

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  1. friggin amazing 😦
    i’ve never been to lidl and have absolutely no intention of going. i’d much rather visit my local grocery store and get my items fresh than join that brigade of …. what exactly? who would want to fight over a bbq that costs whatever euros and will probably last one bbq – if you’re lucky!

    lidl apart, what does mintoff have to do with all this? i’m no spring chick and i can well remember the choc that tasted of lard together with our baking powder masquerading as toothpaste, however i’ve never had to resort to pushing and shoving to get hold of some decent chocolate and/or toothpaste. mintoff or no mintoff i always preferred to retain some form of dignity rather than hop on some ferry to sicily to join the “maltin tac cikkulata”
    and as an aside …. with gonzipn for all of my son’s life – has anything changed? or do the maltese still throng to sicily in search of the ever elusive “bargain” aka ripoff that should never have seen the light of day, let alone been sold, bought and worn? or worse…. placed in the entrata and covered in plastic
    *shock horror*
    best i stop this rant here!


    28/04/2009 at 22:33

    • To my knowledge, people still go to Sicily with big vans to do their shopping. In fact, the VAT department has recently clamped down on those who take a van up to Sicily to buy chandeliers and other stuff from Sicily


      28/04/2009 at 23:17

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